unisa architecture and interior architecture annual exhibition 2021


Zoe Hilton

bachelor of interior architecture

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Want/Knead is a clay-based pottery workshop and wood oven pizza restaurant based in Adelaide. It lies on the site of the Adelaide AMP Building and uses the context of adaptive reuse to support conviviality and social sustainability. Supporting these ideologies, it is a modern take on dining and art practice using the juxtaposition of separation and integration. The design directs the user to make decisions and therefore initiates unconventional paths and opportunities for unique connection, interaction, and conversation. Want/Knead uses these foundations to encapsulate a space where people can be sociable while feeling safe and included.

Drawn in from King William Street, patrons face multi-directional circulation that implies autonomy. They decide to be welcomed into the pizza restaurant or to test their skills on a pottery wheel. Either way, a transparent glass screen allows for liminality between the two typologies. The central kitchen allows for unobtrusive surveillance while keeping otherwise separate activities entwined.

The design uses common principles of the two typologies to inform spatial planning and visual language. In both practices, the participant folds, kneads, shapes, tops, and bakes. Following this theme, both floor levels coil around the central kitchen. The material palette features colours of South Australian bushland and desert and uses contrasting textures to create a dynamic installation that appears to rise from the earth itself.


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