unisa architecture and interior architecture annual exhibition 2021


Yoharna Rachwal

bachelor of interior architecture

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Chiaroscuro is a hybrid slow retail and restaurant solution set within the 1936 State Heritage listed, former AMP Building at 21 King William Street, Adelaide.

Chiaroscuro began with a want to challenge norms, instill consideration, and encourage education of how both fast and slow ideologies sit within our current culture.

Chiaroscuro is not about the absolute. It’s not about showing perfectly how a slow food restaurant would look next to a slow retail space. It’s not about being completely perfect in these values.

However, it’s a spectrum; a spectrum of fast and slow, of positive and negative and maybe good and bad. Chiaroscuro is a spectrum of reality, a reflection of real life and portrays how fast and slow ideologies sit within our culture, as imperfect as they are. We all fluctuate, and Chiaroscuro is beautiful reflection of this fluctuating journey; this journey to be either fast one day or slow the next, you can shop fast, or eat slow with family and friends, you can sit and rest or walk quickly through the space.

There are three main original design concepts that formulate Chiaroscuro; a strong idea of journey, ‘Fabric and Fold’ an original spatial design concept into the exploration of the similarities between clothing and an interior, and polarity challenging balance and tension of new and existing fabric. 



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