unisa architecture and interior architecture annual exhibition 2021


Vidhi Patel

bachelor of architectural studies

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"Where do we belong?" explores and focuses on the concepts of anonymity, the epidemic of loneliness and finding a sense of belonging. The buildings are characterized by their modular elements, inspired from the modular pattern of the existing buildings on Hart Island, to form masses that represent specific functional spaces, grouped in a unified manner. The spaces are divided into 2 parts, dead and living, where the functions related to the dead are underground while the occupiable spaces are upstairs with more natural daylight.
Water Cremation or Alkaline Hydrolysis is used for the burial process, which is an environmentally friendly option compared to traditional burial or cremation. Throughout the project, there's a strong connection to water which is used as a design medium for both memorials. The memorial designed for the homeless on the water includes unique seats which surround a reflective pond, where the void in the roof is directly reflected into the water. A semi-sunken garden memorial is designed to memorialize Ellen Torron, which consists of a symbolic statue, plants and water benches inspired by the 9/11 Pentagon memorial, where the benches over the water pool act as a visually calming element for reflection.


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