unisa architecture and interior architecture annual exhibition 2021


Vanda Trocio

bachelor of architectural studies

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An area that is no stranger to the residents of New York City, Hart Island is a resting place for the unclaimed, unloved and unidentified. The ‘Hope’ Memorial remembers those buried on the island and the complex and vivid lives of who they once were whilst being a fragment of a bigger picture. Through material, spatiality, geometrical forms and sectional plays, the Hart Island operations are manipulated to show a complex connection and the attachment of the living with the dead.

With the recent influx of burials on the island due to the recent pandemic, a public memorial is established commemorating those who suffered and died of Covid-19. Restricted views and heavily enclosed spaces inflict a sense of suffocation of space highlighting the harsh and arbitrary damage of the virus, allowing us to look within and reflect on our connections with each other and rethinking what the future may hold.


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