unisa architecture and interior architecture annual exhibition 2021


Toshiki Ikeguchi

bachelor of architectural studies

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The Plane of Transition
A proposal for the redevelopment of Hart Island which encourages and allows for future reconnection, remembrance, and reflection on the lost unclaimed souls of Manhattan.

As the Hart Island Memorial Project attempts to reconnect the lost with family and friends a possible change in the societal normalities linked to Hart Island could be entailed in the near future. This would transition the island from a place housing mass graves to a cemetery where people could reconnect with their lost friends and family. Due to this eventual change the intentions of the island were altered as to house a unique experiential journey for the viewer whether it be from the perspective of a worker, visitor or even the deceased. This unique journey can be seen immediately upon entering the island from the place of entry with the living entering from the East and the deceased from the west. Inspired by Alan Watts views on the acceptance of death being a natural process and how the dead must be respected the deceased begin their journey from point at which the day naturally ends on the West side of the island.

This is opposed to the living who enter through their own jetty on the East side near no points of interest in order to create a longer journey which the viewer must undertake to travel around this island to allow for time to reflect and pause on the deceased to respect and assist with the acceptance of the passing of their loved one.


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