unisa architecture and interior architecture annual exhibition 2021


Sarah Burton

master of architecture

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With the loss of over 500,000 jobs across Italy due to COVID, the incidence of families in absolute poverty is confirmed to be considerably higher in the islands of Venice by 10.8%. Hence, this proposal intends to act as a life toolkit, by focusing upon five core driving values to support occupants towards rebuilding their lives: eat, wash, wear, work and support. Furthermore, the reading room looks to emphasise accessibility to basic human rights. To bring these together, the urban catalyst takes the simple pathway and playground and puts a quirky spin on it. It is a simple coloured pathway that now becomes a bench, slide, swing set, skate park or bed, as to ensure the needs of each individual are catered for and respected within the public realm. On a personal note, this project is for every individual who has or is experiencing times of hardship or homelessness and was not noticed, named or cared for.


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