unisa architecture and interior architecture annual exhibition 2021


Peter Le

master of architecture

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My year-long project reflects the Venice Biennale 2021 core theme of “How will we live together?” by pursueing the master concept of “How will birds and human live together?” By aiming to attract both birds and human on-site, the project is based on the main considerations of “How to design an ideal shelter for birds while serving as a location for educating and conserving purposes?” The Lido Birds Conservation Complex, which comprises of Alberoni Conservation Centre at Southern Lido, an adjacent urban context development as well as a digital promotion facility at the North. The complex desires to boost the lagoon birds population, accommodating migration birds and researching activities as well as raising public awareness on the importance of conservation. The development integrates knowledges from the in-depth study of contexts to tackle the urgency of bird-extinction in the region, which was estimated to be 50% bird species since 1930s due to the expansion of man-made structures.


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