unisa architecture and interior architecture annual exhibition 2021


Paolo Rossi

master of architecture

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La Spoglia

La Spoglia is predominantly a school for the preservation of the rich and long history of Venetian crafts. Built around the site of the oldest gondola maker in Venice, Squero San Trovaso. The project provides dedicated workshops and studios for 6 Venetian master crafts people to practice, educate and pass on the knowledge and traditions of their craft to a selected few who are awarded 6-12 month associate residencies. Along with the workshops La Spoglia houses a museum and gallery, restoration clinic, public workshops, 6 apartments and a cafe.

This project engages with the Venetian context by identifying and exhaling the seemingly divine and sometimes serendipitous manner in which things come together in this miraculous place. Venice is an artifact that demonstrates the ingenuity of nature at large and that of humans, as part of the natural world. Venice defies all odds. A fugitive people, through persistent craft and dedication to beauty, transfigure a sandbank in a swamp into a crystalline city of marble and glass.


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