unisa architecture and interior architecture annual exhibition 2021


Nirvana Jones-Armour

bachelor of architectural studies

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This design embodies the lost memories and dreams of the deceased on hart island. Creating a serene heaven like environment, encouraging the idea of hope for the ones that have passed. The design focuses on the sad reality of the people who were sunlight throughout the building. When entering through a large arch way design to resemble the gates of heaven leading to a large opened space. The space consists of skylight allowing people to “look up to the heavens” while relaxing on a large amphitheater. Visitors are then allowed to wonder through the north of the building where numerous quiet places are located. The South side of the temperature-controlled building consists of a private mortuary and coffin workshop and administration office. numerous one-way windows are placed alongside these walls ensuring privacy but also allowing staff to enjoy the view and the memorial. To the back of the building, machinery and a private staff parking lot is placed allowing undisturbed movement of materials, machinery, and bodies. Throughout the island it can be noticed that minimal architecture grows on the old ruins on the island, morphing into new structures giving it purpose to the living. This can also be shown even after death the deceased go on and grow into something different.


always was, always will be Kaurna land

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