unisa architecture and interior architecture annual exhibition 2021


Mong Jian Sim

master of architecture

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Fragment scale served as a new on-site wastewater treatment for port Marghera water pollution problem whilst it consists of research lab and spaces that designed for education. As a response to the question of “How will we live together?”. Fragment Scale looking to integrate people, water, and sea life. Fragment Scale located at a dock end of the oil refining industrial area to enable capture the petrolchemical waste produced from the industrial area. This project creates a space that enable knowledge transfer for the wastewater treatment at port Marghera and the experience of real time water purifying process.

Eco space, a thematic pavilion enhances to raise people’s attention on the Venice lagoon environmental crisis. It serves as a space that extend the knowledge of purifying technology from fragment scale with the natural treatment resource for the sustainability of Venice lagoon. Its offer a public realm area that combine leisure and knowledge transfer happens simultaneously.


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