unisa architecture and interior architecture annual exhibition 2021


Madeleine Greenwood

bachelor of interior architecture

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Spin Cycle proposes a new metropolitan routine where a juxtaposition of typologies are intersected, a Laundromat and Nightclub. Using reconciliation between the mundane and the excitable will promote interactivity, stimulation, and regenerative living influenced by versatile material and civic countenance.

The laundromat and dance club are both equally a stage and audience. Playful architectural intervention is used as a tool to blur the lines between freedom and intimacy. The design challenges occupants to consider the possibilities of combining containment with escape and celebrating the performance of domestic life. Chaotic, encouraging, yet sensible.

The split of programs is connected with the central inserted interior continuing onto the mezzanine. The materials used are embodied carbon and energy considered. The flooring in the nightclub will be fabricated using kinetic tiles, which converts vibrations into electricity to assist with powering the laundromat. It will establish new points of interaction through the practice of mundane tasks in a public setting, giving occupants an opportunity for a new and thrilling experience. Extremely distinct character, identity and individuality will carry through to the user’s experience, creating a desire for more.


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