unisa architecture and interior architecture annual exhibition 2021


Kayleen Graham

bachelor of interior architecture

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Li-BAR-y is a hybrid library and bar located in the Historic AMP Building. With technology advancing, we are seeing audio-books and podcasts surpass physical books. Providing an urgency to redefine the typology. Li-BAR-y offers the traditional functions of a public library while providing spaces where users can listen to audio-books or podcasts. In addition,
Li-BAR-y offers a fully functioning bar. Li-BAR-y is defined by two key zones; the Book Arena and Multi-use Tunnel. The Book Arena acts as bookshelves, stairs and seating. The Tunnel acts as a sound and light tunnel, where sound is reflected so users can listen to the same audio-book and, the natural light is reflected through the space.

With the addition of a bar, Li-BAR-y offers a social space for gathering beyond business hours. When entering Li-BAR-y, users are greeted with a monolithic structure that inspires them to explore what is beyond. This creates moments of surprise when the user discovers the true scale of the installation. The space provides the user with ample seating for studying, reading or listening. The Ground floor provides the installation and casual seating while the Mezzanine provides the user with focused study spaces and computers. The materials for the design were chosen to be complementary while juxtaposing the existing application. This allowed for a respectful yet contrasting installation. Li-BAR-y successfully addresses the urgency to redefine what libraries are and can be in the future.


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