unisa architecture and interior architecture annual exhibition 2021


Jordyn Taarnby

bachelor of architectural studies

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The Incision project for Hart Island is an introspective memorialisation project that looks inward in order to remember those that mainland New York has forgotten.

Cut in two and fragmented either side of a diagonal axis that points back toward Manhattan are the mortuary and machine, the components of this scheme that facilitate the island's burials. They sit on the edge of the memorial walk as a reminder to those who visit of the reality of this place, with large expanses of glazing further driving this concept of transparency of function. The mortuary and machine employ folded roof lines with the buildings appearing buried, using landscape as a literal reminder to those who visit of the reality of this place.

Sited on the north-south axis and cutting through the centre of the island is the memory mausoleu with its memorial lighthouse sitting at the northernmost point as a beacon of hope. The ramp leading to the lighthouse is a literal incision, cutting the site along this axis and burying the visitor within the landscape, taking them on a journey of reflection. At the end of this journey lies the memorial to Ellen Torron, at the centre of this buried space is a 75m² glass box directly representing Ellen’s apartment within which lies all her hoarded possessions. The life within her belongings brings life to those buried on the island allowing for retrospection before the visitor returns the way they came with a renewed sense of hope that they too will be remembered.


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