unisa architecture and interior architecture annual exhibition 2021


James Guy

master of architecture

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FOUND in NEW YORK is an architectural urban intervention project which tackles key issues within our built environment: density, ground plane activation, underutilised derelict ‘liminal’ spaces, and multistorey in the age of prefabrication.

The idea driving this tower’s design is an axial growth coming from a corner block, which then supports the prefabricated modular parts which go on to form a hive when together.

This hive contains the living, working, and community spaces, which rest upon the honeycomb slabs that tension the spaces to the core atrial breathing space.

At the ground level, the tower spreads itself into the void of the urban block. This establishes a new street, activating multiple levels for access.

Inspired by Japanese modernists, such as Kisho Kurokawa, who explored an organic style called ‘Metabolism’, these approaches to design progress the movement by implementing the old with the new and prioritising quality of life.


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