unisa architecture and interior architecture annual exhibition 2021


Ivelina Glogovska

master of architecture

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Liminal is the sister hospice of the Shanti Avedna Sadan that sits diagonally across from my site. It aims to make each resident feel like their apartment is their home. Each residential floor caters to multi generational families that wish to reside with an ill loved one. Three out of seven apartments have bedrooms on the ground floor for those in a more critical condition. Each apartment is split into a ground and mezzanine level to encourage patients to remain active within their living space. The multi level spaces and different apartment layouts, aims to create the feeling of living in a residence, as a pose to a hospice. Each residency has its own set of wind and solar chimneys for natural cross ventilation to promote a healthy, low cost living environment.

History and culture is important and celebrated in the community of Liminal. So preserving that was a key element to my design. The ground and first level of Liminal work to activate the existing street scape and pay homage to the Basilica sitting on the south side of Liminal. The plaza and steps leading up to the market place are kept quite elementary, to allow for the community to program the space however they like. It is free for vendors to set up stalls for larger social and cultural events such as the Bandra Fair or the Mount Mary Fair and other festivities throughout the year. Liminal aims to provide a healthy and socially active environment for the terminally ill to transition from this life to the next.


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