unisa architecture and interior architecture annual exhibition 2021


Ivana Suen

master of architecture

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Fragments of Time is a digital preservation hub looking to prevent the history of Venice from being lost forever from rising sea levels and overtourism. This building is dedicated to the Factum Foundation to carry out work on the island to model the past, present and future of Venice. This company uses digital technology to document and recreate the world’s cultural heritage at risk.

This hub will provide facilities for the company to continue their research while providing space to make small venetian facsimiles. The curated gallery will display the digital and physical works of the company in hope to foster a new type of learning and exploring. Educational spaces in the library will give factum the opportunity to train students about digital preservation. Located 15 minutes from Venice on La Certosa island, Fragments of Time will help ease tourism pressure on the mainland and promote slow traveling.

Located beside this hub is Archivio- a place that invites the local community to digitally preserve and make lifelong memories. It provides a place for people to access expensive machinery to scan and record their own sentimental memories. Together this digital preservation hub allows us to reflect profoundly on ways in which digital technology is changing our perspectives on sharing and protecting evidence of the past. It is a building that celebrates the exchange of knowledge, ideas and culture, to save a flooding Venice.


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