unisa architecture and interior architecture annual exhibition 2021


Henry Kolencik

bachelor of architectural studies

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Hames Sharley Prize in Architecture


Hart Island is home to over one million forgotten souls, A place of the unknown and the unidentified, ‘elements of hart island’ bridges anonymity through its use of human universalities; life, death, air, water, fire and earth.

These foundation elements make way for a design that is familiar and relatable to all that visit.

The program is split across two sites, Manhattan and Hart Island. manhattan becomes a forest clearing in a bustling city where mourners can find refuge. while hidden out of sight, in the earth, a sustainable process of promession takes place, reducing bodies to a mineral composition void of chemicals and 100% organic. these remains are placed into mycelium coffins, each a third the size of a regular coffin and fully compostable. which are then transferred to hart island.

arriving at hart island, visitors are greeted with a fortress of the forgotten, slowly revealing a warm and embracing space, timber columns dot the island personifying the lives that find refuge on the now regenerated island.


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