unisa architecture and interior architecture annual exhibition 2021


Giancarlo Monteleone

master of architecture

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Vivace Venetzia - ‘Buoyant Venice’

This urban scale project consists of four buildings set across four sites withing the Venetian Lagoon. Each site has been selected to highlight aspects of Venetian Culture: Politics at Bacino San Marco; Celebration at Arsenale; Artisanship at Murano; and food at Sant Erasmo. The Agency of this project is temporal in nature; in the present it aims to address over tourism through creating buildings as cultural markers to divert tourists to lesser-known places outside of central Venice; and in the future, when Venice succumbs to the sea, each of the cultural markers becomes buoyant and moves to a central point located in Bacino San Marco, thus the Cultural floatilla is born creating new experiences rooted in the memory of contemporary venetian culture.

Project DIVE – Digital Inference of the Venetian Environment

Constructed in the year 2152 when Venice is lying in ruin 20m below the sea and the Vivace Venezia Cultural Floatilla is Floating in its intended position in Bacino San Marco. Located within the ruin of St. Mark’s Campanile, Project DIVE has been built as the first step in digitally rebuilding the Venetian environment. Here data is collected by visitors fitted with advanced wet suits which scan the surrounding rubble while the explore the ruins on guided tours. This data is then uploaded to a central computer which can be accessed by visitors through a Tetris-like online game which trains an AI algorithm. The goal is to put Venice back together again.


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