unisa architecture and interior architecture annual exhibition 2021


Emily Vink

bachelor of architectural studies

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I am Emily and I and exited to present to you my Scheme titles Burial on Hart Island. along with some of my other University Work. like my peers Studio 6 is sited in New York Hart Island and is an abstract site. Both in terms of its conceptual framework as a mass burial site and is located on the other side of the world to us. This was explored thought my arrival narrative which I took a large interest to, here I curated cellular snippets as a riving traveller into New York.

The Mortuary -The Diving notion of integrating the New York heartbeat, lead to the manipulation of landscape which provided a grounding rhythm to a solid structure. which will provide shielding from the chilling and harsh wind of the long island sound. The introduction of thermal mass material and the long passive corridor provides separation between collaborative and individual programming. providing a spatial journey transcending the inhibitor.

The Machine – Employing a Saw Tooth roof to capture as much natural lighting into the workshop and physical space with drive thought spaces to easily manoeuvre the movement of the back loader and trailer.

Individual Memorial - the simple yet provoking use of the spatial operative subtraction illustrated Ellen Torron’s Story at the time unknow and unclaimed and no proper financial assets.

Collective Memorial - Just like the memory memorials investigated thought Studio and CDT Contemplation and reflective memorial space for acknowledging the past history and providing a space where the islands story can be told, unlike those who arrive deceases to this island.



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