unisa architecture and interior architecture annual exhibition 2021


Deepa Edmond

master of architecture

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Bandra is a thriving metropolitan city that is notoriously glorified. This marketed image attracts a mammoth of migrants and imparts economic stability. However, a deep dive into the urban social fabric of the city showcases a different reality. There is evidence of extreme detrimental living conditions that also house a variety of small cottage industries close to these dwelling arrangements. It is evident that despite the damaging living conditions the slums provide a social value that is of utmost importance to the community. Parivarthan Sanatoria 2.0 is a catalyst project addressing the housing crisis within Bandra and that in the future will aid the reproduction of similar typologies within Bandra. Ultimately, providing safe and affordable housing options for the community while adding value to the social communal aspect. This project is a futuristic design resolution for the transition phase of Bandra – as it grows to a community with no binaries.



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