unisa architecture and interior architecture annual exhibition 2021


Callum Reilly

master of architecture

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Food is an integral part of Italian culture; something that transcends socioeconomic differences and brings people together. Mercato Zero a new market typology, and The Larder a space for preserving and storing food look to expand a sense of generosity dwindling in society today. Mercato Zero celebrates Venetian produce, explores culinary futures, and new waste management. A colour palette of rich pinks and terracotta’s form the buildings materiality, pigmented concrete takes inspiration from the Rialto market’s red coloured banners and vibrant homes lining Cannaregio’s canals. The site on the edge of Venice acts as an interstitial space looking to the past and into the future. The anaerobic digester tower deals with organic waste to produce biogas energy and fertiliser for gardens. Inside visitors are prompted to consider their connection to how and where food is produced. In The Larder the glut of produce is preserved, a key issue of the traditional market, especially in Summer months. The Larder will augment the ritual of preserving and will act as a platform for community exchange and waste reduction. Together as communities demand inclusion and spatial identity both projects produce spaces that reflect on Venice’s rich culinary history, provide a generosity of spirit and explored the future of food and waste whilst maintaining the city’s deeply layered sense of place.


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