unisa architecture and interior architecture annual exhibition 2021


Bronique Kovacs

bachelor of architectural studies

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The overall design is made up of three main spaces which includes the workspaces of the mortuary and machine, the Ellen Torron Memorial Garden, and the Remembrance of the Unclaimed memorial. The mortuary/machine space was inspired by brutalist architecture to refer to the impact that has been had on the natural site, and by incorporating the landscape into the design, refers to the temporality of the site. The Ellen Torron Memorial Garden is designed to feel like a separate space from the rest of the site to provide relaxation and comfort by appealing to the senses and considers vegetation relative to the Jewish faith in remembrance of Ellen Torron. The Remembrance of the Unclaimed memorial incorporates the walking pathway that traverses through all the spaces and passes by all the burial sites to encourage contemplation and evoke emotion. Along the way are naturally shaded spaces designed to rest and reflect, and at the furthest end of the pathway is the Remembrance of the Unclaimed memorial. The memorial aims at acknowledging and remembering those that remain unclaimed on the site. It features a reflective pool and reflective granite wall to encourage self-reflection with stones used to border the reflective pool for their meaning of protecting the spirit in some burial practices and the use in the Jewish religion of placing stones when visiting graves as a sign of remembrance or respect.


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