unisa architecture and interior architecture annual exhibition 2021


Ara Champ

bachelor of interior architecture

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Thread and Ripple have been created as a further exploration of studio 7 'Float'. Float was a relaxation and recovery space for cancer patients. Studio 8 THREAD and RIPPLE work in conjunction with this previous project and grow on the idea of bringing cancer support services into this part of the city (around the Royal Adelaide Hospital). This collection of interior spaces all aim to embrace the changes in body and mind associated with cancer treatment and rehabilitation. Thread is located on the ground floor, a hairdresser with an emphasis on embracing cancer hair loss and the hard process of adjusting to a wig (if desired).

This reflective space aims to create a safe and welcoming environment for cancer patients as well as the general public. Coloured perspex surfaces are used to evoke reflection within the viewer. Ripple is a skincare brand located on the mezzanine level, again with a special focus on cancer patients and their recovery. Ripple aims to provide interesting and different skincare options for sensitive skin, this being such an important aspect of recovery from some cancer treatments.


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