unisa architecture and interior architecture annual exhibition 2021


Anoushka Menon

bachelor of interior architecture

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Fybr is a multi-functional hospitality and retail setting which supports and promotes sustainable thinking in a unique way. With several mode activation settings spanning from day to night, fybr educates and celebrates the process from food to fabric. Fybr’s menu is built around sourcing and using ingredients with recyclable food scraps which can be re-purposed into textiles and fabrics. This in turn can be manufactured and sold as apparel and accessories.

The space is composed of 6 bronze retail pods which can be rented by brands who sell food waste products. The central drinking and dining space can be reconfigured with the six tables in the middle to become a market setting, presentation setting and a fashion show setting. This can be seen in the axonometric views. The settings always connect back to food and fabric in a convivial way.

The ceiling feature throughout the space aligns with the grid like shape of the interior. The materials reflect the design concept and patterns, and the feature fabrics are derived from the colours of fresh fruits, grains, and vegetables. The reconfiguration of the retail pods and central settings allow for a larger group of users of all ages to eat, drink, shop, learn and admire. Fybr challenges convivial and hybrid thinking through the flexibility and adaptability of the space.


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