unisa architecture and interior architecture annual exhibition 2021


Alessio Rapetti

bachelor of architectural studies

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My first concept layering is derived from the story of Ellen Torren, her apartment had layers of junk within. I chose to emphasise Ellen Torren throughout this design because she isn’t just one story that lost her life from Covid. I believe she acts quite symbolically for many people going through the same story she went through giving a sense to everyone that you are not alone with your feelings. Upon arriving to the memory mausoleum, you will find copper plated columns, fitting for the Covid memorial as copper fights off bacteria on its surfaces. The poles are places strategically in a position representing the gird line of New York city and remembering the people that lost their lives from Covid in the city with their names engraved onto the columns. The main attraction within the mausoleum is the second room, purposely secluded for the Ellen memorial as Ellen was a very and secluded person. This rooms allows people to reflect and sit while taking in the breath-taking view of the water fountain falling from the ceilings into the water below. The water falling from the massive hole in the ceiling is representing the hole that is left in someone when losing a loved one. The curved concrete arches meeting in the centre of the circle is acting structurally but also representing a symbolic meaning. No matter who you are Ellen Torren with no family or loved by all, everyone inevitably reaches the same place after life so enjoy and appreciate life whilst you are still alive. 



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