unisa architecture and interior architecture annual exhibition 2021


Abhijit Prasanth

master of architecture

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The design takes inspiration from the past, and tries to hold on to the old grand gothic styles of Architecture. This is a design language which is slowly fading and people often forget how truly beautiful it was. 

In cities filled with tall boxes, this proposal tries to create a sculpture which reflects the architectural past of New York City, becoming a point of contrasting timelines.

The typology of a quarantine residence and that of a theatre thereby create an intricate balance between public and private, with the residents becoming spectators to the theatre and the theatre becoming an experience for the residents who would otherwise have to spend a sombre quarantine stay in isolation.

The massive proportions transform this building into a symbolic gateway, which given the site’s location, is on the way into the heart of New York city. 

As a quarantine hotel, it becomes a symbol of rebirth, carved out from stone.

As a theatre, its grandeur allows it to become part of the very performance. 



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